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Talk to us! Comment below and we’ll try to reply as soon as we can! If you have a question about a specific title we released please make your comment there.

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  1. I am very sad to see you have lots of HD videos here where nobody else has more then 640×480 and no videos have subtitles 🙁

  2. Thank you for the great service you provide. My question is in regards to the number of video files in each torrent.
    Why are there 8 video files for a 2 episode series ? You have RAW files, 480p files, 720p files, 480p with subs, 720p with chinese subs only, uncensored 480p, uncensored 720p. All I would ever request is a 480p or greater video with English subtitles and be uncensored if possible. I do not understand what the RAW file purpose is.

    Almost all of the HD quality videos do not have subtitles. I do not know how to remove subtitles from the lower quality videos and add them to the 720p videos. I have not seen any hentai site providing subtitles alone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. i recall seeing a series many years ago, but can’t remember the title

    it was about a a gang i think, and what i remeber the the most is a scene in the 2nd episode where all the females get raped and totured and one even dies

    would appreciate help finding the title

    thx in advance

      1. Oh cool, would you seed these release at least? Thanks!

        Iinari! Saimin Kanojo

        Joshikousei no Koshitsuki

        Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu Mao Hen

        Zutto Suki Datta

        –Love your site btw~

  4. Good day you are doing a great job with what you do best,I am asking for the link to have the URLs for hentai sites please I will help you if you want to but note I can’t hack, I am begging you please

  5. This may sound strange, but are you the same DeathMarine that used to run a hentai games forum? I think it was HGames or something along those lines. Used to go there all the time. If you did run that site, what happened? It just wasn’t there one time when I opened the bookmark. This mystery has been bothering me for a long time now, so hopefully you’re the same person. Thanks!

    1. yeah, it’s me. I was at a certain point in my life where i thought i should step away from all this. In hindsight i think it was a bad idea. So now i’m rebuilding from scratch. it was by the way 😛 I’ll be relaunching it soon. Hope you’ll come by.

      1. Yeah, after I sent this comment I thought to myself “Maybe he used the same upload account for the torrents.” And sure enough, there were all of the torrents along with the torrents from this place, lol. I completely understand. I’ll really get into hentai games for a while and then just not be interested in it for a long time. I can’t wait for the relaunch. Can I be the first member this time around? Lol. Just hit me up when you get it up and running.

        BTW, meant a lot to me because it’s were I discovered Tears to Tiara and Utawarerumono. These are the games that, for the first time, showed me that hentai games could be SO much more than just porn. I’ll gladly say that I cried during each of them and they left a profound mark on my heart. Can’t wait for the relaunch. Keep me update my friend!

        1. Wow, i never knew hshare meant so much people. It meant a lot to me putting in 10 years of work and then walking away from it hurt. It feels good to know that it made an impact in someone’s life. I’ll definitely keep that in mind when working on it again. you can email me at so i can contact you as soon as it’s up

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for amazing site, could you add section to show torrent contents and screenshots? to check whether it’s censored or not.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. At the moment i’m trying to release as much as possible to catch to what i had up previously. Maybe i’ll do screenshots later but certainly not anytime soon. I still have many things to release which take lots of time.

      I will though look into displaying the torrent contents so you can easily see if the video files have the “Uncensored” label on them.

      I’m glad you reached out. I always like hearing what people think of the site and their suggestions on making things even better!

  7. Issho ni H Shiyo

    two files appear to not be being seeded by anyone.
    Both under “sequel”
    Akina to Onsen de H Shiyo.jpg and the aniDB.url

    A third file has been sitting at 99.6% for several weeks…
    Akina to Onsen de H Shiyo RAW HD720.mkv

    I added the torrent on 2/22/2020; it has a “last shown complete” of never.

    Everything else I’ve gotten torrent links from here has downloaded completely within a couple of days.

    It’s impressive what you are making available here.

    1. I’ve updated the torrent for Issho Ni Shiyo a little while ago. Just save it to the same spot and it should complete

  8. i want to thank you DM amazing sharing you have been doing this for a while and are among the most generaous and sharing of anyone …thank you very much. However works best for you is just fine. thanks again

  9. Thank you for putting up the search box, how kindly of you.

    It would be nice if you could provide “category” as well, such as : movie, game, etc.

    Again, thank you so much, i like your website & collections.

      1. I see some of the collection censored, so maybe you can categorize “censored” & “uncensored”.
        I personally prefer uncensored though, but then again many thanks.

    1. yeah, the other way wasn’t worth my time and effort.

      If you really want something put on Rapidgator you can ask

  10. There is not episode 2 to Takarasagashi no Natsuyasumi (the summer vacation treasure hunt) (たからさがしのなつやすみ)

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